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Boothbay Harbor 2013 Orthoimagery at 6" Resolution

To find the orthoimages for Boothbay Harbor:

1. Click the link above.

2. On the left side of the screen in the 'Catalog' section, click on 'Orthoimagery.'

3. Scroll to, and select, 'Geolibrary 6in 2013' by clicking the circle to the left of 'Geolibrary 6in 2013.' A dot should fill the circle indicating your selection.

4. On the map, navigate and magnify the Boothbay Harbor region by using the scroll wheel on your mouse or the tools available on the Maine Orthoimagery Viewer.

The Town of Boothbay Harbor has purchased this orthoimagery as a service to the citizens and visitors of Boothbay Harbor. Please use the enhanced imagery as you see fit.

Index.PDF [0.35 MB]
Map 01.PDF [0.09 MB]
Map 02.PDF [0.08 MB]
Map 03.PDF [0.11 MB]
Map 04.PDF [0.16 MB]
Map 05.PDF [0.11 MB]
Map 06.PDF [0.23 MB]
Map 07.PDF [0.14 MB]
Map 08.PDF [0.11 MB]
Map 09.PDF [0.11 MB]
Map 10.PDF [0.24 MB]
Map 11.PDF [0.21 MB]
Map 12.PDF [0.08 MB]
Map 13.PDF [0.13 MB]
Map 14.PDF [0.14 MB]
Map 15.PDF [0.19 MB]
Map 16.PDF [0.26 MB]
Map 17.PDF [0.13 MB]
Map 18.PDF [0.22 MB]
Map 19.PDF [0.24 MB]
Map 20.PDF [0.37 MB]
Map 21.PDF [0.25 MB]
Map 22.PDF [0.2 MB]
Map 23.PDF [0.1 MB]
Map 24.PDF [0.19 MB]
Map 25.PDF [0.18 MB]
Map 26.PDF [0.21 MB]
Map 27.PDF [0.15 MB]
Map 28.PDF [0.1 MB]
Map 29.PDF [0.21 MB]
Map 30.PDF [0.25 MB]
Map 31.PDF [0.17 MB]
Street Map.PDF [0.32 MB]

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