Boothbay Harbor Town Seal

Staff Directory

Sawyer Alley Public Works  
Lawrence Brown Police Officer  
Matthew Campbell Police Officer  
David W. Cody EMA Director  
Robert J. Duplisea Jr. Tax Assessor 207-633-3671
Benedict Fabiano Public Works  
Patricia Fallon Deputy Clerk 207-633-3671
Patricia Fallon Assistant Tax Collector 207-633-3671
Frederick Farnham Assistant Harbor Master  
Michelle Farnham Town Clerk/Registrar of Voters 207-633-3671
Michelle Farnham Town Clerk 207-633-3671
Jennifer Gosselin Police Officer  
Robert Hasch Police Chief  
Jay Hasch Public Works  
Patrick Higgins Sergeant  
Eric Hyson Public Works  
Diane Joyal Administrative Assistant Police Department 207-633-5616
Julia Latter Town Manager 207-633-3671
Robert Leavitt Harbor Master 207-380-7602
Nicholas Livingston Second Assistant Fire Chief/Deputy Fire Warden 207-380-4321
Isabelle Oechslie Town Planner 207-633-3671
Kathleen Pearce General Assistant Administrator 207-633-3671
Kathleen Pearce Finance Officer 207-633-3671
Kathleen Pearce Finance Officer/Human Resources/General Assistance/Deputy Treasurer/Deputy Tax Collector 207-633-3671
Jesse Peters Lieutenant/Training Officer  
Adam Raven Deputy Harbor Master  
Matthew Sledge Fire Engineer/Deputy Fire Warden 207-522-2502
Geoff Smith Code Enforcement Officer/Local Plumbing Inspector 207-633-3671
Geoff Smith Assistant to the Assessor 207-633-3671
Geoff Smith 207-633-3671
Doug Snyder Police Officer  
Glenn Tilton First Assistant Fire Chief/Deputy Fire Warden 207-633-3910
Nick Upham Fire Chief/Fire Warden 207-380-5635
Nick Upham Public Works Foreman 207-380-5635